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CIGNYS is constantly in the process of designing jacks and caster jacks to exacting specifications. Many applications simultaneously require high strength and lightweight characteristics. Modifying current designs allows us to expedite delivery at an affordable price. During the design of critical components, our engineering team utilizes sophisticated computer software protocol such as finite element analysis (FEA).


CIGNYS was approached by a large defense contractor to develop an all-terrain ISO Container Mobilizer with a 30,000 LB gross vehicle weight. The design criterion required it to transport either a 10 or 20-footong container at speeds up to 55 MPH. Each end of the unit had to be individually adjustable from ground level to 32″ clearance for loading into military aircraft.




CIGNYS was approached by Boeing Military Aircraft for the development of a Refueling Boom Trailer to be used with the KC-767 Tanker Program. The design was based on aluminum alloy for a piece of ground support equipment that did not require a lightweight design. Because of the need for stability in high winds, the design was changed to a steel trailer. CIGNYS used commercially available components in order to achieve Boeing’s target pricing. The stronger, heavier trailer also incorporated a special cradle for installing the boom onto the aircraft. The Refueling Boom Trailer has now a standard part of the ground support equipment used to service the aircraft for both Italy and Japan.
CIGNYS has been a leading supplier of conveyor components for over 80 years. We operate a vertically integrated manufacturing operation for the production of our components. We manufacture our own wheels, rollers and monorail trolleys. We remanufacture free trolleys and calibrate them in-house. We are the largest OEM of hoist trolleys in the United States. And, while some companies have opted to have their equipment manufactured overseas, we believe American engineered and manufactured, or in some cases, remanufactured, is still the best alternative for the highest quality products.