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Our Spra-Gard® seal provides the industrial user excellent reliability for trouble free service. The patented three section seal offers positive, friction free protection against the ingress of liquids through direct impingement, splashing or condensing of fluids in parts washing, phosphating and other like processes. The Spra-Gard® seal is also extremely effective as a labyrinth seal for normal applications.

Moisture droplets which contact the inner surface of the outer shield will cling to this surface passing, by gravity, to its lowest point where it will then exit at the bottom of the shield.

Droplets forming on the outer surface of the middle shield will be centrifugally thrown onto the inner surface of the outer shield, thereby exiting in a like manner. This action protects the interior of the bearing and the integrity of the lubricant, insuring the user service life that sets standards above all previous industry experience.