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20,000 Lb. Capacity

Rigid Mount

Basic  Information:
  • 40 revs. Input for 1 in. of stroke
  • 20,000 lb. max operating load, compression
  • 35,000 lb. maximum static compression to yield
  • Approx. 33 in. lb. torque input at maximum operating load
  • Furnished with 12 in. crank P/N 10582-M
Technical Information:
*Maximum Static Load to Yield, combined with maximum operating load. Unit must be securely fixed at mounting point of jack side plate to frame member. Adjustable clamp bracket may be adjusted along entire length of tube toward gear head on (-12) to (-18) models. As a precaution, the bracket must be welded to the outer tube, on all units, after location of proper mounting height is determined to prevent possible slippage.

Custom Build and Design

We can build Caster Jacks to your specific requirements. Our experienced Engineering and Sales departments will help you design a jack to your exacting specifications.