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CIGNYS has been a leading supplier of conveyor components for over 80 years. We operate a vertically integrated manufacturing operation for the production of our components. We manufacture our own wheels, rollers, and monorail trolleys. We remanufacture free trolleys and calibrate them in-house. We are the largest OEM of hoist trolleys in the United States. And, while some companies have opted to have their equipment manufactured overseas, we believe American engineered and manufactured, or in some cases, remanufactured, is still the best alternative for the highest quality products.

CIGNYS is a manufacturer of quality American built conveyor components for overhead and inverted conveyor systems. We also remanufacture power and free trolleys with warranties comparable to that of new units. Our new product customers include all the major OEM conveyor manufacturers.

Many of our components are patented. Our Spra-Guard® wheel design provides friction-free protection against the ingress of liquids or condensing of fluids in parts washing, phosphating, and other rigorous processes.


Disclaimer – Drawings and/or pictures on the website are for reference only.  Please contact CIGNYS Engineering prior to designing to any specific application.