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Providing Metal Solutions
for Nearly 100 Years

Cignys is a high-end design, engineering, machining, and fabricating company specializing in custom solutions for ground support mobility or equipment needs, and critical problem resolution. We serve major market segments.

One market is military ground support equipment and components. Our products in this import segment include “running gear” (axles/brakes) for a variety of trailers, carts, and similar items; custom and specialized trailers for uses including radar systems, munitions, and generators; leveling and stabilizing jacks for radar truck systems, satellite test applications, ISO shelters (containers), and portable missile systems; high-end enclosures cut from solid material for sensitive electronics; and mobilizers (dolly sets) that essentially turn a shelter (or container) into a trailer that is transportable. Our mobilizer is recognized as very user-friendly. Our products support the mobility needs of our war fighters. Some of our technology transfers to the commercial side of ground support equipment for specialty trailer applications or use at commercial airports. We have the ability to design, develop, and build products completely or manufacture from supplied prints based on customer requirements. We are well-versed in the reverse engineering of products as well as assisting in product development for better functionality or ease of manufacture. We machine, weld, fabricate, paint, and assemble all in-house.

Another segment is what we term Automotive Manufacturing Support. We do not manufacture auto parts; we make (or in some cases re-manufacture) products that help move the automobile or auto parts through our customer’s process. We are the market leader in the power-and-free trolley refurbishment market and also manufacture conveyor chains. Our work in automotive provides our customer with substantial cost savings and significantly shorter lead-times than competitive options. Other products include the items such as hoist trolleys that are used to keep tools, hoses, and other equipment used in the manufacturing process easily accessible. Our products help keep the assembly line running smoothly.

We have applied what we have learned in support of the defense industry to begin to expand into the aerospace market. This is also an exciting industry, and we are supplying several products to the general aviation industry, such as components for landing gear systems. We anticipate this to become a major growth opportunity.

Cignys is also investing in some other interesting market segments where we can use our competencies, talents, and assets to profitably grow. One exciting opportunity is the generation of energy utilizing solid waste as fuel. We hope to know and share more about this in the future.

Fundamentally Cignys helps keep our military stable, or mobile, as the current situation demands; and we help keep our auto and auto parts manufacturing facilities running. We are involved with some other products and markets but those two are the fundamental backbone of Cignys.